Main Standings

The main stages of the competition in 2015:

July 15 — the beginning of works reception (photo and video), the opening of the vote.

October 10 — the completion of works reception.

October 10-20 — the work of competition Jury.

October 20 — the end of voting for the Audience Choice Award.

November 01 — announcement of the winners, the opening of the final exhibition of works of the winners.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Promotion of Baikal beauty and vivid impressions;
  • Fostering a sense of caring attitude towards nature;
  • The creative exchange of artists from different regions of Russia and other countries.

Themes of the competition:

  • Landscape of Baikal: the seasons, natural phenomena, aerial photography;
  • Portrait and emotion from the inspiration of Baikal;
  • Flora and fauna: close-up, underwater photography, wildlife, animals and insects;
  • Architecture: buildings, bridges, interiors, rural landscapes and architectural elements;
  • Candid Portrait: a man in the daily life, family, culture, environment, active and extreme forms of leisure, sport, the rest vivid moments;
  • I live Baikal — the most emotionally powerful photographic works.

Photo Nominations:

  • “Professionals” — the most memorable and outstanding work in opinion of Jury in the professional category. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place;
  • “Amateurs" — the most interesting and extraordinary photo selected from the "amateur" category. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place;
  • “Trouvaille” — a special award for the young author (participant age up to 25 years) from the “amateur” category, whose work the Jury considers as the most interesting and promising. The purpose of this nomination — to help debutants and promising photographers in developing their creative way. The only one author consider as the winner in this nomination.

Video about Baikal:

  • Short subject. Duration up to three (3) minutes each;
  • Featurette. Duration up to twelve (12) minutes each;

Additional awards:

  • "Audience Choice Award" — awarded through an open online voting, regardless of the opinion of the Jury. The nomination includes all work (photo and video) declared in the competition. The work of participant, which get the most of votes on the competition website wins. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place;
  • "Media Choice Award" — the best work according to journalist’s opinion (partners of the competition). The winner will have the opportunity of publication about an author;
  • “Special Winter Award” — from the winter partner of the competition for the photo on the theme of winter: the ice of Baikal, snow, winter and spring landscapes, winter leisure. The winner chosen by the partner of the competition.

Rules of the competition:

  • Each participant can upload a maximum of five (5) works (photos, video). After downloading, the application is verified by the moderator and allowed to the online voting. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject the work of the competition at their own discretion;
  • In the "Audience Choice Award" nomination wins the competitor with the most points. The voting is performed via social networks (authorization method in the competition). With the permission of the voter at the social networks page is published, "I voted in the competition "Inspiration of Baikal" for <”the name of work”>. The vote for each work can be made only once a day. One vote is one point. Votes can only be added, not diminish. The obtained votes are summed up;
  • After verification by moderator, the author received a notification on e-mail that work is published;
  • Finalists of competition provide their work in high-resolution for printing the exposition and commemorative catalogs;
  • The Jury of the competition determines the shortlist and the winners in the nominations;
  • The organizers reserves the right to change the composition of the members of the Selection Committee at its discretion without any notice;
  • Providing work for the competition, a participant gives the organizers a non-exclusive right of noncommercial use of photos and video works, full or in part, in order to promote of the competition;
  • The organizers reserve the right to keep works in the archive of the competition on the website

Specifications for the photographic works:

The submitted photographic materials will be pre-judged by the organizers of the competition on the following criteria:

  • Conformity of photos to the subject of the competition: the positive photos taken on the shores of Baikal at any time of the year aimed at promoting the beauty and impressions from the Lake Baikal;
  • Format: JPEG (color model RGB / sRGB). The size of the file sent by e-mail is up to 1200 pixels on the long side. One photo is maximum of 1 MB.;
  • Photos must not contain frames, signatures, logos, watermarks and any other marks that identify the author of works;
  • Photo collages are not accepted for the competition;
  • Each photos which participating in the competition should be accompanied by text explanation: have a name, the time and place of shooting, the name and place of residence of author;
  • All downloaded photos must be original and free of third party rights. Author of the image must be in full rights to this image. The organizer has the right to withdraw the competition work at the first suspicion of plagiarism, until circumstances are clarified.

Specifications for the video works:

  • For participation are accepted short films, created in accordance with the technical requirements and the competition subjects;
  • When submitting the video application, you must specify the name of the film; provide the annotation; to list the authors (including the authors of musical works used in the film), and to indicate the person or legal entity who represents film in the competition;
  • The right to nominate the film for participation in the competition possess the makers (producers) of the film and / or authors of the film (hereinafter “the participants”);
  • For participation may be presented the film produced earlier and already participated in other film festivals, as well as made specifically for the competition;
  • Films must not contain obscene and abusive words and / or phrases, as well as scenes containing them; scene promoting pornography, the cult of violence or cruelty, inciting national, class, social, religious intolerance; information about ways, methods of develope, manufacture and use, places of purchase of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances; other scenes prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, including the Federal Law № 15-FZ dated 23.02.2013, "On protection of public health from exposure to tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption", and, in addition, the scenes that are contrary to morality and ethics;
  • Advertising information is not allowed in the films;
  • By submitting the works on competition, the participants confirmed the presence of all the rights to the consent of individuals to use their images in the film;
  • When voting, each member of the Jury has the right to cast the vote for only one film from the short-list. The chairperson of the Jury has two votes;
  • Movies that are included in the short list of the competition, shall be provided with the following requirements: Audio and video must be provided in a single file and have the extension:
    Codec: H264, DivX, QuickTime
    Sound: Stereo / Mono: 48.0 kHz; 44 kHz. One or two tracks
    Video Resolution: 1920x1080p or i, or 1280x720p or i,
    1440x1080p or i, 720x576 (progressive) PAL or NTSC.
  • The movie files that are included in the shortlist, are provided through file sharing or downloading on the competition website

The Jury members of the international competition:

The jury consists of representatives of various spheres of photography, tourism, Internet and print media, well-known photographers, film directors, operators, art critics. The Jury members list is published June 1, 2015.

The prize fund:

The winners and awardee of the competition await special prizes from sponsors.

Photo exhibition:

The works of the winners and finalists the photo competition will be used for the organization of the photo exhibition "Inspiration of Baikal", the authors of pictures will be informed about the place and time of the exhibition. Also will be organized the movies showing of works that have entered in the shortlist. In all cases, pictures using will be met specifications of authorship. By submitting works, authors give permission for non-commercial use of the pictures in order of promotion and popularization of the competition.


Tour operator "Baikalov", Workshop of Nicholay Tarhanov.