Recreation centers and hotels at Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is suitable for active, educational and ecological recreation formats.The polyhedral nature affect vivifying influence on organism, and the beauty of this land can get colossal esthetic pleasure. Where else can you drink clean water while swimming or scooping mug directly out overboard? Argued a mistaken view about bad service in Russia. Actually, at Lake Baikal there are 60 recreation centers and hotels with 2-4 stars level! At your choice the selection of hotels and places of recreation at Lake Baikal. Follow links to see the selection of the best hotels and recreation centers at Lake Baikal:

1. Baikalsk and the surrounding area - Mamay Mountain, Snezhnaya River, Warm Lakes, Sable Lake.

This area open earlier for swimming and very suitable for families with children, as here is good shallow water. In addition, this is exactly where the famous Baikal jungle located - the subtropical zone of Lake Baikal. You can choose a good accommodation for every budget from a large selection of tourist centers.

2. The Village Maksimikha and Barguzin Nature Reserve

This area is very scenic not only in summer but in winter too. There is park-museum "Light Meadow", which you can explore for hours. Nearby there are the rare geological formation - Holy Nose Peninsula on which are found very different representatives of the forest fauna. This place is interesting for nature and history lovers.

3. Northern Baikal

Real Lake Baikal starts here. You can come here for a week or two and each day to travel to different unique nature places. It is also here the only 5 star hotel on Lake Baikal - "Baikal Residence". Apart from Severobaikalsk - the recreation center on the wild shore with thermal baths - Kotelnikovsky Cape.

4. Listvyanka Village

If you want to know more about the nature of Baikal, to wander through the forest and just relax, you definitely need to be here. Here is a very well developed tourist infrastructure: hotels, bars, markets, Baikal Museum, the ancient church, Shaman Rock, diving and hunting sites.

5. Olkhon Island and the Small Sea

The unusual climate, the wild beauty of nature, isolation from the outside world - all can be found in this favorite tourist place.

Certainly, in the surroundings of Baikal there are still many nooks, protogenic flora and fauna, which deserve all the attention, but to cover it all at once is simply not possible. So you just have to decide what exactly you are primarily interested and the best place of leisure on Baykal are always glad to its guests and awaits for all the tourists for visit this beautiful and mysterious land.

Directories of hotels and recreation centers at Lake Baikal:

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